Is minimalism too bare? Is eclectic too busy?

Design comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, styles.. I could go on. Its a wonderful wacky world where design is being embraced more and more each day in all its diverse ways. The more I am immersed into this design world, the more I am appreciating how one person looks at a design to the next.

The brain is an incredible thing, one person can look at the velvet green sofa and adore it while another may want to poke their eyes out after seeing such a site. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to design – especially in ours fields of Interior Design and Graphic Design, what one person loves another person may hate.

As a designer you become a story teller, we research all the different trends, the different cultures and attitudes around us. Sometimes we stick to the rules and other times there is nothing more exciting than breaking them. We as designers become our own personal brand – its the same with fashion, you may love those rips in your jeans, however your Grandpa can’t wait to ask you if you actually bought them with holes in them.

It is not just about our own personal style – design can also be greatly influenced by where we come from. Different cultures call for different takes on design, the Danish and their love for minimalism, while Asian designs are more focused on the culture.

This year started off by taking a leap and teaching interior design at Hunter Design School and after such a short amount of time my mind is blown away each week by what my students come up with and how they interperet a design concept. I can give the same exact brief to each student and not one of them will be similar to what the other has thought of – and its incredible!

Our brain is created to feel emotion, and each design makes us feel a certain emotion, creating a reaction to how we perceive the world. The emotion of what goes into design is what its all about, you have to be passionate about what you are creating, otherwise why would your client feel that same way?

As designers we need to not stop and judge, we need to look beyond our tastes and style, and wonder the story behind the design. Did their client want that yellow and brown striped wall paper? Did it reflect a certain time in their lives? There is always a story that can go along with it.

Something More is a business that embraces all designs, whether it may or may not be our style, we realise how much effort and time went into creating that. Were not going to lie, we’ve looked at finished designs and thought ‘who did that?’ *insert eye roll emoji* but the more and more we are learning in this amazing career, the more we are are seeing the passion behind each and every design.