How To Kill It At Instagram

In this world of social media everyone likes to lurk, come on we know you do. I’ve found myself lost in a friend of a friends of step mum’s new business Instagram feed, 54 weeks deep. We’ve all been there. We are curious creatures and in this untrustworthy world of internet hackers ringing my 63 year old father twice daily convincing him his computer is broken and they need to fix it via a link he must download. We want to get to know you and trust you as a person before we will buy from you.

Even though having a snazzy looking feed is important it’s not all about just lookin’ pretty. That’s why its super important to show your potential customers that you’re a real person as well – you smash down 3 coffees a day in the office before lunch too – so they begin to see you for who you are, and trust you and therefore your brand.



When I said that looking pretty isn’t everything it still plays a massive part. When people come to your feed they will glance through your images and see if they dig what you dig before diving deeper into your captions. This is why we need to think of our feed as one giant picture rather than just the individual shot. Now I know you just took the cutest photo of your puppy chasing butterflies but does it really fit in your feed? You need to consider the images that will be next to and underneath the image your about to post, does it suit? maybe leave it for another time. A really good way around this is to plan out your feed before you post, this way you can see what looks good with what, switch and move things around until they fit perfectly. There are a heap of tools out there that even remind you to post once you’ve planned your feed. Not only does this help create a pretty smart looking feed but you don’t need to be worried about upcoming posts; it’s already planned. 



There’s a time and a place and this is definitely the place. Show your true colours when posting content on Instagram, don’t post just for the sake of it – tell your story. Explain why you are posting the image. Let them know how you feel, explain your experience. This will help people make a connection on an emotional level and feel like they are getting to know you as a person. It’s also a good idea to add a bit of human touch to your feed. Photos that might be useful for websites might not be great on Instagram. Put some people in the images this creates a stronger emotional connection and can tap into people’s curiosity. It’s great to show the face behind the business, let people in on your interests, show them that you like a Sunday afternoon beverage on the beach,  that you share the same local pub and create a strong network of customers that feel like friends.



Show who you are, what it is like to work in your business, and what you get up to outside of business. Don’t just show the sparkling, shiny new product. Show the blood, sweat and tears that went into the work. Reveal those behind the scenes shots where everything might not have gone to plan; where the vase fell and smashed on the desk – not just the highlight real. When people can laugh and cry with you, feel sorry for you and experience the highs and lows with you, they see that you are in fact someone just like them. Going through all the ups and downs of life, someone who loves banana and peanut butter sandwiches just as much as they do. They will feel a connection that goes so much further than any product shot ever will, they start to develop an emotional connection with you and see your brand as more than just another business. 



Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all; the likes, getting followers, posting the right picture at the right time we can sometimes forget the point of all this: to connect with other people and build relationships. When captioning posts remember that you are speaking to people; make it about them not about you. Talk to people like you would talk to a friend. Make sure when posting you don’t forget to engage with others, it’s a sure fire way to help your business grow and build friendships. Like a photo back and make sure you always reply to comments but make sure they are authentic and heartfelt. Try to open up a little and make a connection. People love to be heard and connect with other like-minded people.



Getting sucked into so called ‘follower apps’ is all too easy. If you want your business or account to do well, 9/10 sticking to it instead of buying your followers will make certain that you actually gain people who care about you and your service. When you think about it, you wouldn’t waste money sending thousands of invites to a launch party of your new product where 900 are going to fake addresses, so why gain fake followers that will in no way support your business? Instagram has changed dramatically just in the last year, so trust us – you being you and believing in your brand will get you to where you want to be, just stick to it.
Instagram is the modern age tool to get your name out there and show people just how wonderful you are! Yes – it is almost like taking on a full time job just to keep up with the nitty and gritty but we believe there’s nothing better than being you and if you believe in yourself and your product you will stand out from the rest.